Wednesday, April 2, 2008

current stitching and a wee painting

sweater girl

So here's what I've been working on the past 2 nights (quite slowly). I recently read on Rachel's blog that her guilty pleasure while stitching is "Sex and the City" so I thought I'd reveal (very sheepishly) that I was watching "The Real Housewives of New York" while stitching this. I blame it on my boyfriend, who is a reality TV junkie, and rather than wrestle the remote from him every night I sometimes just put up with it. And enjoy it. And feel very guilty, indeed. :)

On Sunday I did a mini-painting (4 x 6 in.) on watercolor paper for my boyfriend, entitled "le Carotte retires to his study."

le Carotte retires to his study

He requested a pipe, smoking jacket, and that le Carotte be in his "study". It appears the monkey obsession is catching... :) My boyfriend is a tough client, let me tell you. He requested tweaks on the completed painting (which, after 6 hours of tweaking on my own, I ignored). But they were good suggestions, so rather than let them perish I will list them here:

  • Shouldn't le Carotte's bookcase have elegant, detailed wood carving?

  • The books are rather colorful. I think le Carotte prefers more muted, leather bindings.

  • As I recall, le Carotte has very prominent ears...

  • Shouldn't smoke be coming from le Carotte's pipe?

  • What color exactly is that tie he's wearing?

While I agree that these are all excellent points, since he is not a real client I am afforded the luxury of being able to say "zip it." :) Thanks everybody who responded to my favorite Wes Anderson movie poll! At this point it looks like Royal Tenenbaums is leading (by only 1 vote!) against Rushmore... Somebody loves Darjeeling and 5 of you don't know who Wes Anderson is - if that's the case I suggest "Rushmore".

I also thought I'd respond to a few of your comment/questions here - so Stacy, yeah I agree, Bottle Rocket was his first film so I can't be too hard on it. I'm sure I could never get James Caan for my first film - I did like a lot of it, I just can't say it's my favorite. And hi Ani! I'm with you on Jules et Jim - there's a part of me that really wants to be uppity and smart and love all the French New Wave but I just don't. I've tried watching Jules et Jim a few times and just couldn't appreciate it as much as some of Truffaut's other films. I do, absolutely love Jeanne Moreau in general, however. And Missy, yes, I've seen Bottle Rocket about 3,000 times - when I went to UT Austin it was on the dorm channel constantly.

And now, before I go, has anyone read this on Wee Wonderfuls? Or, the ridiculously negative comments Emily Martin got when she said that items made from her doll pattern should not be sold? Sheesh I do feel bad for them. Copyright is by no means a cut and dry affair in every case but when a designer specifies exactly what use is and is not allowed on their pattern, it really should be honored. And they shouldn't be attacked for making that request. That's my 2 cents.


Carina said...

OMG! That painting is great. He just looks so funny; seeriously, I'm sitting here chuckling! :-)

IamSusie said...

These copyright issues are such a nessy thing. Here in embroidery-land we can like to embroider any image or drawing we see, but it isn't necessarily okay with the original artists, even if the stitcher isn't selling the work..

How awful for Wee Wonderfuls. I didn't see those dolls on the Australian site. I hope it was an accidental oversight and they were selling the dolls from an unscrupulous doll maker...

jane said...

The thing I find interesting about Bottle Rocket is the tension there is between a more conventional movie world and a Wes Anderson type character who doesn't fit into it. As opposed to his later films that really create an alternative universe of oddity.

Susie said...

Copyright, so necessary but so complicated at the same time. Respect for the originator is all that is called for as it should be.
Love the little dog (can't spell its proper name!)

Average Jane Crafter said...

Ha! I've been strangely interested in watching that show ... now I'll have to check it out!

I love the painting - I love how much personality comes through your little monkeys in your work. :)

Yes, I saw that Wee Wonderfuls post early this morning and my heart just sank. :-(

g said...

I will admit...I do like to watch "Real Housewives of NY" too, except that if my guy is home I have to switch it because he can't stand it!

jess said...

Agreed! What's so wrong with just being happy that patterns are being shared, why does someone have to go and ruin the fun for everyone?!

smartypants said...

Copyright is so complicated, but comes down to common sense in the end. If it is not your original idea you need to get permission. And, just like writing a paper in college, Cite your sources!!!!!

That pearl cotton is really neat.

Also, I am currently addicted to Real Housewives of New York. Its predescesor Real Housewives of Orange County was also delightfully bad (blush, double blush) :)

claudia said...
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claudia said...

sorry i deleted my previous comment.

how said for emily martin and wee wonderfuls. i watched the episode of martha stewart when emily was on and you could tell how uncomfortable she was when martha kept asking about the money her etsy shop had made her. when emily wouldn't say martha told they audience herself. i really felt bad for emily for being put in that situation on an international television show. i felt even worst when i read her post about the whole thing. i've also seen copyright infringement happen to pretty little things. how terrible :(

p.s. i too love watching real housewives of ny, but like "g" i have to switch it when the hubby is around cuz he hates it!

craft-o-matic said...

How very sad for the copyright gals. That's why some people are so intimidated to even create. Someone else will take it away and get rich. Poor Emily. She was being super sweet giving away patterns (as you do Floresita- thanks!!!!!) and people go and take advantage. Que lastima!!!