Sunday, April 13, 2008

things that make me happy, and resolutions

Yes, that really is just a cat washing it's paw... :)

Just a few days ago I was looking at a few tiny clips on my digital camera and smiling. I'd been too lazy to put them on YouTube and they seemed too short and jerky nto be interesting. I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to be able to just look at them whenever I felt like it and maybe be able to show them to a friend... Enter Flickr video, which magically appeared the very next day!

Okay, I'd be lying if I claimed these clips are of amazing value. Mostly they're blurry, jerky, and end abruptly. But I like the idea of being able to share tiny video tidbits whenever I feel like it. :) Just take a look at this chipper old man I saw at 42nd St, who was playing "Aya En el Rancho Grande" when I walked up. I love the shy way he hides behind his dancing dolls and really jams out on that keyboard...

If you don't hate me yet for wasting your time with some silly video, then also check out the fireworks from my boyfriend's apartment and a baby bird I call the chirper.

I did a tiny bit of sketching on Friday, inspired by a drawing in an architecture book..
day 20 of 365 Sketch: house sketch painted in

My favorite are the tiles on the roof which remind me of fish scales and the little cast-iron fence on the roof. I love the change in weather in New York because I actually take the time to stop, look up, and appreciate the wonder in each detailed building I pass. On a gray day little details seem to blend into the gray atmosphere and disappear - it takes a sunny day with sharp shadows to throw the city's beauty into real relief...

Have you been reading all the new posts at Feeling Stitchy? We have some awesome new bloggers and they put together some great stuff this week. Also, there's a running discussion over at Vintage Transfer Finds, maybe you can chime in there, too - the question is: do you find "Mammy" images offensive on embroidery transfers?

That's pretty much it for now, though I'm proud to say I finally started on one of my New Year's resolutions and started exercising yesterday. Allow me to introduce Exhibit A, below:
in the park
That was my rear view, 5 years ago. Early this year I tried that pair of jeans on again, and you guessed it, it looked like a jean's sausage casing and the squished contents were far from tasty to behold. My resolution is to fit in those jeans again and this time, without overhang. I'm gonna do it, people! I've been a sloth way too long, and sometime later this year I hope to have an Exhibit B to show you. :) Are you guys doing anything this year that is long overdue? I hope you all had great weekends and that we can all get our rears in gear (only in my case I mean that last part very literally)... :)

p.s. Royal Tenenbaums won! Rushmore came in 2nd, and too many of you don't know who Wes Anderson is - just watch Rushmore! You won't regret it, I promise. :)


Sylvie said...

I love the videos. Thanks for sharing.

Hannita said...

The videos are fun. And if they make you smile, that's the important part. Also like the building drawing. I always enjoy when you write about stuff other than craft. Not that I don't like that too. Just encouragement to keep doing that mixed in with everything else.

Susie said...

I love the video, thanks for sharing. I too need to get on with my resolution to get fit this year. its my 50th birthday in less than a month and i had intended to go out looking good, but I think I might be covering up afterall!!
Your posts make me smile....