Thursday, April 24, 2008

update on painting, drawing, and monkeying

lunchtime monkey painting

Here's a springtime monkey, painted in honor of the beautiful Spring weather in which I finally sat outside, drinking in the quiet and birdsongs and painted during my lunch hour. It's watercolor on paper, which I'm beginning to love more and more for capturing these fleeting little ideas that pop in my head during the day...

I know I've said this before, but the inside of my head is very messy. At any given time I have 100's of ideas floating around and at times it's hard to keep to just one thing. Nevertheless, I finally finished this little acrylic on canvas painting started so many moons ago (when it was still chilly outside):
monkey painting: il fait froid
He says: "il fait froid, mon amour" or "it is cold, my love." (I hope!) :) I added a little snow and struggled to paint the tiny letters with an eensy brush.

I did a lot practicing beforehand, but it was still rough:
day 23 of 365 Sketch: doodles
I really like the face in the middle left, by the way, even subsumed as she is by practice lettering... I recently started carrying around a mini notebook (only 4 x6 in.) and I've loved scrawling in a quick sketch or two while on the train. Over on the right are a snazzy pair of shoes I saw on a very dandy-ish gentleman who looked like he fell out of the Bloomingdales men's catalog...

day 22 of 365 Sketch: thoughts and shoes

And, lest I forget, over on the left, I was thinking of some sweet graffiti I saw in San Francisco a couple of years ago. How cute would that look embroidered? Or that little girl as a rag doll? Yet another of the kajillion ideas keeping my brain warm... :)

And finally, here's a little monkey in progress that I'm making for a friend:
little project in progress

My friend had very specific ideas for this monkey, so I'm doing an extra bit of planning to make sure she's perfect.... You can see the pins holding her in place since I haven't sewn anything down yet. I love how the brown fabric and felt make her look extra monkey-ish... Hope you all have a great weekend, and thanks for all your encouraging comments on my cross-processing and Brooklyn Botanic garden posts! :)


g said...

I love it when the world comes alive too! After the long, cold winter - spring is such a wonder & gift. I try to take time to really notice things and appreciate all the life that is renewing itself around me but sometimes you get busy & forget - thank you for reminding me!

floresita said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Gina! ;)