Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm working on / notes on Cinco de Mayo

a little something

Having posted so many vintage patterns on my other blog, Vintage Transfer Finds, I find myself in the unique (and unenviable position) of having WAY TOO MANY possible projects. I could do DOW (days of the week, to the uninitiated) towels until I was 85 and still not use up my store of patterns. I could monogram the underpants of every family member. I could make personalized bibs for the spawn of every brother, sister-in-law, and online acquaintance. I could add "style and pizzazz" to my workshirts and slacks by smattering them with sparrows, floral baskets and tasteful nosegays. That said, I'm lucky if I churn out a project here and there and try to be on time for birthdays...

I am SO BAD with birthdays (almost as bad as I am with names). I could write a novel on how extraordinarily bad I am with birthdays, only it would be a pretty boring affair and only render me unlikeable. I like the concept of birthdays. I'm just a ruffian when it comes to their execution. So you see, above, a late present I am working on for someone very, very special to me. God forbid someone should ever die the day after their birthday and I be left, sobbing over their half-finished present. It at least might substitute well for a Kleenex... :)

Another holiday I was remiss in posting about was... Cinco de Mayo:
monkeys are best not left alone with tequila

le Carotte had a series of clandestine adventures which are summed up well with... monkeys are best not left alone with tequila. Ask any Mexican-American like me what Cinco de Mayo commemorates, and they'll respond with a rousing... look of confusion. It's about some battle or other, fought in Mexico (I'm not sure who won) and the general gist is that you commemorate it by drinking tequila and giving a few "gritos". In New York city, Cinco de Mayo (or "sinco dee may-o" as our cousins up north refer to it) is celebrated by throngs of non-Mexicans pledging solidarity by mobbing every Mexican restaurant or theme bar. We're not big into the bar scene so we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a glass of wine and tasty pizza. And if I knew how to do a grito, I would have, I was so happy I wasn't being jostled by every other person in New York while consuming a burrito of questionable quality... :)

What about you? How do you celebrate your Cinco de Mayo? :)


muralimanohar said...

Oh, I suck at birthdays, whole family does, for that matter. Luckily for me, I married into a family that sucks just as badly. :p

I loved Cinco de Mayo in Chicago..being part Philipino, I look the part enough to be included in all the rousing cheers in the street when the lowrider goes past with the horns and stereo blaring and the full size Mexican flags flying full mast out both windows. Very festive all around. :p

floresita said...

Lowrider car show... aw yeah - if I could find one in NY I'd be there! Hee hee, non-Mexicans always think I'm Philipino... :)

mommy2boys said...

OK Sorry I just have to say that Cinco de Mayo conmemorates the Battle of Pueble, (mexico vs France)
Mexico won!

and "El Grito" is only for The Mexican Indepandance day" (SEPT 15th) and it's "VIVA MEXICO" the president usually will give a speech and then sings the national anthem and the shouts "VIVA MEXICA" 3 times (fireworks afterward)

NO ! Cinco de mayo is not our independance day!

Raised in Mexico and proud of it!

floresita said...

Ha ha, I will not argue with you, you are a much better Mexican than me! :)

However, in South Texas, where I am from, we give gritos every time we get drunk and/or hear Mariachis. So I still think gritos are in order on Cinco de Mayo. (Just not the long ones that they put on Univision) :)

claudia said...

hmmm... i think i used to at least drink a margarita or a shot of tequila and maybe eat some mole poblano...mmm... to honor our victory but these days it went by unnoticed.

i did however see all these sales everywhere to celebrate it. i think it's so funny that americans celebrate SO much more than mexicans who live in mexico! i don't know how it is on other cities of the US but yes, here in Chicago we go all out. there's a big parade that starts in "La Villita" {which is the mexican neighborhood, we are everywhere but this is consider the "mexican" neighborhood} and there's a lot of people that come out with their big banderas and fancy cars. one of my neighbors owns a sweet lowrider.

being raised in Mexico it used to bother me when people didn't know what cinco de mayo conmemorates, but i now understand that we live in a completely different country and unfortunately our history is not taught at school, so it's cool.

i think the gritos you are talking about are those amazing mariachi gritos {i too wish i could do one but i break up in the middle of it}, not the "VIVA MEXICO" gritos... am i right?

and funny you two should mention the Philipino thing because i always mistaken for Philipino, i worked in a library in the Philipino neighborhood many years ago and i had all these people come up to me speaking Philipino, i kind of felt bad for not knowing the language because they were asking for help.

i should go now...
happy late cinco de mayo!

floresita said...

Yes, Claudia, that's exactly what I meant - the mariachi "grito"! Is there a word for that? There really should be! :) My dad can do it (he does one every time he eats spicy salsa), my mom (I think) can do it, and several of my brothers can. I think I'm too self conscious to do it well... I'm afraid I'll sound like a dog whining... ;)

And you have a La Villita, too? In San Antonio we have a beautiful La Villita - you have to see it if you never have! :)

Shebrews said...

I don't know about the Cinco de Mayo, but I, too, am terrible about birthdays--but, I blame it on the fact that I am a gifter, and so, in essence, everyday is everybody's birthday---so, when the real deal comes, I am spent! Ha! Anyway, I love the way your two birdies seem to be whispering to each other. Adorable embroidery!
Also, too many projects, too little time.....alas, the artist's dilemma!
Cheers, Eydie

Average Jane Crafter said...

First off, tequila and monkeys are a fun combo. Just sayin'.

Second - I actually had a fun Cinco de Mayo this year. My daughter had a big Cinco de Mayo program at her school. They've been practicing for WEEKS and she was so so so excited about it. She's been locking herself in her room practicing singing in Spanish. It's hilarious. So I went to that and actually learned some things! It was mostly just adorable, though, to see her sing in Spanish. She loved it!

Brook said...

hahah its so funny what you said about everyone going to mexican restaurants not even knowing what they are celebrating. I stitched for a swap I'm doing on Craftster.

claudia said...

i'm sure San Antonio's Villita is much more beautiful than the one we have here because ours is just a regular neighborhood.

Kristin said...

Back home in arizona, we used to go out to (real) mexican food and drink margaritas on cinco de mayo. We'd go downtown and listen to the mariachi bands play on the square and see the beautiful women in flowing dresses dance on the cobblestone walks. Being so far from mexico now there isn't much celebrating to do, though we did get take out from Taco Mayo. :)


Moxie Tonic said...

I certainly wouldn't complain one bit if I received a hand-made gift early, late, or when ever. So few people take the time to really think about one another, much less to take the extra step of personalizing a gift.

Cinco de Mayo seems to have become more of a Mexican and proud day than actually commemorating the battle (and perhaps the reason Mexican-Americans celebrate so much more than in Mexico).
For me its the sign that Summer is just around the corner, and in Iowa the idea that warm weather is on the way is definitely cause for celebration!