Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes, these are more flowers...

little yellow centers

I know I run the risk of boring you with all these flowers, so I apologize in advance... in my defense - there are a heck of a lot of beautiful flowers blooming out there!

Like bleeding hearts (which I saw for the first time in my life, on Sunday afternoon) - in red:

and white:
in a row

and lilac bushes (I'm always amused, by the way, by people who say "ly-lock" instead of "lilac" - is this a New York thing?)

and just plain green:

I swear I'm doing other things and not just shutterbugging random flowers. Like today at lunch I walked down by the river, smelled the salty air, and watched a mockingbird fly back and forth from a lightpost, to a grassy field, and to its nest with flies wriggling in its beak. I also watched gleamingly white people struggle to sun themselves - one of them, an attractive man, really should have left his pants on... :) The air was hot and sweet with the smell of flowering bushes that were pulsing with huge, clumsy, fuzzy bumble bees. For those things I have no pictures. Just the lingering sense that the very air in New York and life itself were very calm and sweet today.

I fell asleep reading this book and had happy dreams of alien in-laws. Hope life is sweet for you as well...


Sylvie said...


Early Bird Special said...

Are you kidding me? Flowers are NOT boring! I could look at your beautiful photographs all day. They're so dreamy. Bleeding Hearts are amazing, aren't they?! Keep sharing the beautiful things.

SewAmy said...

you seem to love flowers and embroidery like I do. I don't think I have ever seen bleeding hearts in person. They are beautiful.

muralimanohar said...

I miss lilacs...there never seem to be any wherever I live nowadays. :( And ly-LOCKS is sooo wrong! lol