Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A few projects and the beginning of a story...

up close so you can see her dress well

So now I can formally introduce you to my latest monkey, Sanchita, which I made for a close friend of mine. Her tiny dress was handmade, using this Mexican dress pattern as inspiration. I'd been thinking about the embroidery forever, then did the top in tiny stitches. It was really slow going for awhile - I was stumped on what to do with the little dress, as you can see she looks different than the earlier version I showed you before:


The very day it was finished and I was right about to tell her I got the surprise of my life when she told me she was pregnant! So now I'll need to make even more cute stuff for her December baby! I can't wait!

Here's another small project I worked on last week:
as you see I like dangly earrings
If you know me well, you know I can be a colossal mess. And you'd also know I love dangly earrings. So last week, as I was trying to sort out a messy bureau, I decided to put a hoop and felt to use... it's perfect! The best part is I actually keep putting them back in place because I love to look at them altogether... :)

reading nook for le Carotte

And now for the beginning of a story... where I was last weekend. I was in Cape Cod for a wedding, and was totally taken aback by its beauty - the colors, the cottages, the trees, the birds, the animals, the sea... it was all incredible. We stayed in a little cottage just a block from the very edge of the Cape in Provincetown - and it was perfect in every way.

As a little girl I'd dream up images from books and picture myself living there - for the longest time I had a very romantic idea of what New England was like, but never really saw anything that matched my dreams.... until this cottage in Cape Cod. We were surround by gardens, trees, and birds, there was a picket fence with a creaky iron gate, all the walls were full of secret cupboards, there were little porthole windows, and from the upper floor windows you could see weathered shacks by the water and small boats. My favorite of all was this little reading nook, where I immediately curled up with a book.

It also seemed to be a favorite of le Carotte...
reading the travel guides


Olga said...

I adore everything in this post. Oh my god, that dress practically killed me! So, so darling! And I love your earring hoop idea!

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Where do I start? First, that is a fantastic idea for the earrings. I must steal that from you. :)

I've been wanting to take SEVERAL trips lately, but one of them is to a nice remote, laid back place where I can stay in a cozy room with white fluffiness everywhere. I'll add Cape Cod to the my boyfriend is a huge Jaws fan and that's where most of the movie was film lol.