Thursday, June 19, 2008

Provincetown and Cape Cod

Onward with my tale - after peeping into every corner, drawer, and cabinet (a nasty habit I have in hotels) we took a series of long walks around Provincetown, which, for being a small town, has an overwhelming number of good restaurants, bars, and fun shops. And, if at this point you're wondering if we knew this was a gay town, we did - and there were plenty of boringly hetero people like ourselves around, too, bringing down the fashion quotient with our (translation: my) out-of-style plaid shorts. :) It was really the most gorgeous spot I've seen in New England - every cottage was beautifully painted, shuttered, and maintained, there were flowers and impeccable landscaping everywhere, and I can't think of a friendlier spot I've visited on the Eastern coast.

On our walks to and from the main town area I saw flowers I never even knew existed - I had to touch this one to make sure it was real:

the strangest flower

The wedding was farther inland, near a huge pond surrounded by tall green, piney smelling trees. The ceremony and reception were outside at the water's edge, so I got to do plenty of wildlife watching which included spotting this noisy fellow, very early on:

I think it was foodtime for this little guy because he chirped loudly the entire afternoon... and I captured his progression from being a little peeved:
noisy fellow

To downright huffy:
in a huff

To all kinds of mad:
did I stutter when I said "Beat it?"

We had perfect weather the entire time, but I also enjoyed our one rainy day - there's something about the color palette of harbor towns that lends itself to looking gorgeous on gray days - the muted blue-gray shutters, weathered shingles, and deep green trees.

We took advantage of the downpour to visit the Provincetown Memorial museum, where I admired the old portraits, and these whadda-ya-callits that decorate the fronts of ships:

I'm not a big doll person, but there was something about these china dolls with their gorgeous blue eyes that called out to me:
beautiful doll

This one was tiny - so small she sat in another small doll's lap:
tiny doll

It was hard to say goodbye to the little cottage in Provincetown, but we did and drove up the coast to Chatham, where we stayed our final night. This area was much quieter, with less to do, and nothing to do after 10 PM. But that was the most magical night - I took a walk by myself as the sun was setting and just drank in the amazing-ness that is walking by the sea at sunset, listening to water lap, and distant boats gently slosh:

I don't ever want to forget the wonderful blues and pinks of that evening, and how quiet the deserted beach was. My only companions were a few huge fishing gulls who plucked crabs the size of dinner plates out of the water and ate them in front of me on the beach. I waded in a few feet to see if I could find one in the fading light and saw... to my surprise... a seal poke its head out of the water, swim around me, dip its head down, and swim on. Of course, for that there was no photograph because I was too busy staring with my mouth open. And just when I thought that there were no surprises left, when I walked back to our room I saw, pretty near to me, across a green field, two coyotes who turned to look at me, ran farther off, turned again, and ran deep into the woods. What a wonderful place that I hope I'll remember when I go to sleep at night, and a magical place I hope you can visit someday, too.


Donna said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing! Cape Cod is a place I would love to visit someday.

The purple and bright pink flower looks like a fuschia--you can buy them as a hanging plant in nurseries here, but I don't think I've ever looked at one up close the way your photo shows it. Lovely!

g said...

So glad you had such a nice time...reading your memories of the trip really took me back since we lived in MA for several years. I really miss everything about it except the winters! Provincetown is a wonderful, unique place that we enjoyed visiting & even had thanksgiving there one year to celebrate where the pilgrims really landed. We lived within driving distance of Plymouth and would go out to eat there almost every Fri. in the summer & we always had to go see "the rock" - even though we weren't on vacation it always felt a little like one...I really miss it. Thanks for the walk down memory lane...

Sylvie said...

Dreamy. And what neat encounters with the animals.

Claudia said...

oh, you just took me back three years ago when we took one of the best vacation/road trip. one of the places we visited was cape cod, we stayed one block from the beach. the sunsets were absolutely amazing!