Saturday, September 27, 2008

oh, boo


I knew when I saw free Halloween patterns from Annie Oakleaves, I had to stitch them:
 free ghosties

I stitched them on a tea towel that Amy sent me - she was selling them in her shop and was sweet enough to ask my opinion on them. If she ever re-stocks them, I highly recommend them, by the way! They have a nice, open weave and are a cinch to stitch on. Are any of you doing any Halloween stitching?

Lastly, I can't believe Paul Newman is dead. He's always been one of my favorite actors - intense on film, and such a beautiful man in that rare way - both inside and out. I could watch Hud and Cool Hand Luke a million times and never tire of them. Just yesterday I was watching a film with him in it and thinking how fortunate we were that he was still alive and still so active in film and theatre. No longer.

More than that, I was inspired by the relationship he had with his wife, his generosity, and a sense of kindness and groundedness he had in all his roles. Goodbye, Paul.


Early Bird Special said...

The ghosts are just so cute, Flor! Thank you for pimping out my towels.

That's so sad about Paul Newman! I just found out via your blog. He was a lovely man, indeed.

Shebrews said...

I love the little fangs on the dracula ghost!!! So cute!
Paul Neuman......*sigh*

Claudia said...

i love these ghostly creatures :)

it's so sad to see paul newman go, i read the story yesterday and still can't believe it :(