Wednesday, October 1, 2008

le Carotte visits Montreal

Recently, le Carotte pointed out that I neglected to document a quick weekend trip he took to Montreal last month. And as you can see, there was a lot of silliness that went down in the park:

Yes, we really are that immature, and no, those people didn't really smell.

All goofiness aside, it was a fascinating place, I loved the mysterious underground world, the beautiful green landscape, the old buildings, the French signs. Everyone was very friendly, and had this charming way of speaking perfect French to you, then switching to English when you give them an open-mouthed look of confusion, never allowing that to change the pleasant smile on their face. I saw so many beautiful things that the challenge was, in such a short period of time - what to photograph, what signs to read, what places to visit...

I have a fascination with cathedrals, and I don't regret for one second that we paid 5 dollars to walk inside this one, Notre-Dame:
Notre-Dame Basilica

Yes, I did think it was odd that they charged admission, but it didn't at all stem the tide of tourists as there were hundreds of people inside, milling about and taking photographs.

Nevertheless there were still quiet spots in there:

I'm sure there are millions of photos of votive candles in the blogosphere, but somehow they never cease to fascinate:

There are so many cathedrals in Montreal! Seriously, as we drove back to the airport I counted no less than 20 elaborate steeples rising above the building tops, and we saw dozens on our walks. This amazing cathedral was the view from our window:

And here is a glimpse inside:

I'm always awe-struck when I see works like these - taking so much dedication, planning, and reflecting the will of an entire community...
looking up

That's about it for Montreal. I'm wondering if I should attempt the Blogtoberfest challenge (a post every day in October) as I know I will definitely fall off the wagon a few times. If, however, I do decide to do it, what would you like to see here? Stitching? New York pics? More about me? Let me know, as I'm in need of ideas! :)


Catherine Black said...

Wow that is some cathedral! Le Carotte looks happy!

Jenne said...

Would love to see more about you, and of course, stitching and other craftyness