Monday, October 13, 2008

Mosaic Monday: Sublime Newness

I had zero songs on the brain today, so I decided to do a mosaic instead of a mixtape. I definitely have the new Sublime Stitching patterns on the brain, but I have strictly told myself not to purchase new patterns until I make a few projects from the kajillions of Sublime patterns I already own. But looking at these patterns does make me want to cave...

1. Zombies 'n Monsters Embroidery Transfers, 2. Cute Little Heads Embroidery Transfers, 3. Michael Sieben Embroidery Transfers, 4. Handmade Nation Embroidery Transfers

By the way, those amazing zombie and monster heads? Stitched by my stitchy friend Amy, who is officially a stitching machine. :)

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