Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sketchy Sunday: 3 Sketches and Some Sketchiness

Ideas for a flat little individual I'll be taking sightseeing tomorrow:
flat Stanley ideas

Little thumbnails revealing my ambivalence on wearing cloaks: (I love them, they just don't look good on me)

Last, a sketch from church last Sunday:
church sketch

Speaking of church, I was a little amused to exit church this morning and just footsteps away, be stopped by 2 individuals intent on converting me to their religion. :) I was very curious about the doctrines the 2 young people were presenting. But not surprisingly, their talk was all about how their one way of looking at the world is right, and everyone else is wrong and hellbound. I'm always amazed at how people try to hard-sell God, and wonder, with a little amusement, what God would think of that...

Thanks to all of you who commented on my stitchy post yesterday! Thank you for your tips (Megan - you're gold!), and by the way, in answer to your questions, the girl is from a vintage Goldilocks pattern, and she's putting away a bowl of porridge. :) As for the hoops - I've had zero luck finding them online, but my local Michael's store has plenty. And yep, Rach and Gina, the fake woodgrain hoops don't keep the fabric extra-taut, but I like a little "give" while I'm stitching. Gina, I'm with you - the only time I seem to finish projects is when they are gifts on a deadline. Also Megan, I'm like you - I get bored when I'm almost done and tend to abandon my projects. :( And Claudia, Jess, and Rach, finding time is a real challenge for me, too. But I'm loving the daily schedule much more than I thought, thanks again for all of your words of encouragement!

Here's hoping nobody told you that you're hellbound today. :) And if you have a holiday tomorrow, I hope it's a wonderful one! :)


Apryl said...

lovely sketches. all I accomplished yesterday was painting half the kitchen and ripping up a few pieces of wood that edge the carpet in the living room. It will be a home one day soon.

Gumbo Lily said...

I really love your sketchbook. It's a treasure in and of itself.

Sorry you had a bad after-church experience. God is bigger than some folks allow.