Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stitchy Saturday: Goldilocks and Stanley


So, thanks in no small part to your encouragement, I actually finished this little girl. There's a name underneath (which I blurred out) so it will still be a surprise for the person receiving it. One small embroidery down, 3 more to go! (Not counting the kajillion other projects I have on the back burner... :)

Speaking of the back burner, this flat fellow was finally finished today:
flat Stanley

I happily crafted him for 4 hours today, surrounded by mountains of felt, embroidery floss, fabric, color pencils, scissors and a hot iron.

I like his little face, which I've been brainstorming for weeks now...
his little face

His t-shirt is made of actual white t-shirt material (recycled), he's wearing real jeans and a turquoise felt scarf. I painstakingly embroidered the tiny black "I" and "NY", and sewed on a tiny red felt heart:

He's even sporting gray felt sneakers:

Whew! I'm just happy I can finally take him sightseeing! Hope you're all having a great weekend. :)


Gumbo Lily said...

Goldie is so cute. You make the teeniest, even-est stitches ever.


Kristi said...

Flat Stanley is fabulous!! Your creativity amazes me. :)

Oh yeah, and I ♥ Goldilocks.

Jenne said...

He's adorable! Great stuff.