Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stitchy Saturday: In Progress and an Idea

in progress

Lately I've become fascinated with projects in hoops - I really like these fake wood-grain plastic hoops because they're so bendy, a bit kitschy, and easy to use. I have a kajillion little embroidery projects in progress - it's ridiculous. This is a bit of a secret project, but I thought I'd show the beginning here, since the person I'm sending it to will be surprised and not be expecting it anyway... I love being able to use my favorite colors on this one, but I'm not sure about the brown chair...

I also had a small monkey idea which I may or may not get going:

What about you? How do you guys stay inspired to finish your projects? I have so many ideas on the brain lately it's hard for me to finish!


Average Jane Crafter said...

I fell in love with the wood grain hoops after seeing you used them! But how do you get your fabric so tight in them? I've had trouble getting my fabric to stretch tight enough (but I'm also freakish about how tight I like my fabric in a hoop ... I have the same issue with Q-clips ;)


For me, it's not so much staying inspired enough to finish a project - it's just finding the time in random bits between everything else. These days it's taking me ages to finish anything!

jess said...

For me it's a matter of only working on them at night when the Baby is sleeping. I have a bit of OCD, so that helps me get done. I also feel the need to post somethig on my blog and embroidery is an easy thing to finish to post. Love your hoop displays though!

Claudia said...

that little girls is so adorable!... is she stitching?

i'm with rachel on this one... i'm always looking for bits of time to finish a project... but the inspiration is always there :)

Amy said...

I have a hard time finding these hoops-- what is a god source for these and any other kind of hoops besides the standard blond wood ones?
Cute projects, by the way! :)

g said...

the woodgrain hoops are great - I've never seen them in the stores around me though. I do love the vintage look they give the finished project.

like average jane crafter I'm the same way about how tight the fabric is in my hoop when I stitch...I've seen people wrap the bottom hoop with tape to make it fit tighter but I haven't tried it myself.

the girl is so sweet...I had the same question as claudia, is she stitching? because if so that would be too cool!

about your question regarding being inspired to finish projects I'd have to say for me its usually that its a gift, I've found that's the best way for me to get anything done!

megan said...

I have a million half finished projects lying around. I get overwhelmed too.... it's like I love coming up with the concept and then when the project is 75% done I have a good enough idea of how it's going to come out that I completely lose interest in finishing it and I'm on to the next thing. It's terrible.

Anyway - I LOVE these wood grain hoops. I've never seen them in stores before, but I'll have to keep my eyes open.

With regards to the brown chair that you're unsure of, my advice is if you want it to blend more with the softer colors of the li'l girlie, I'd do her shoes in a more vibrant color... like a bright red... to make an intermediate color and create harmony.

Apryl said...

goldilocks is very sweet I love the little chair she is sitting in though... I haven't done alot of embroidery I'm learning.. and learning to sew as well because I'm quite terrible. If i'm really into a project I will finish it right away but am one for accumulating hoards of half done projects that get set aside for ages... the majority of them are knitting projects, some of them I do go back to but others I will rip out and roll the wool up into a ball for future projects.

we are doing up the hosue at the moment and that leaves little time for crafting so I have stuck to very small simple projects that take only an hour or two to complete. I made a little owl a few days ago that I'm quite buzzing about.

as for embroidery, I have only done a few things but they have all been from my own doodles so that keeps me from straying if its something out of my very scattered brain.

happy stitching!

Jenne said...

yeah...gifting is the only way I finish the I've yet to stitch anything for myself...or make anything for myself, except shorts out of pants... I don't think that counts! :)

fioretta said...

Hi there! I found your blog while searching for embroidery tips, and just had to comment - it's lovely!