Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three Things Thursday: Indigo and Purples

1. A Child's Garden of Verses, 2. ~maive~, 3. little-yellow-hen

Lately I've been pulling out my hair putting together a site design. One of the most challenging things for me (aside from predicting how a site is going to look on 5,000 different screens and browsers) is color. So I've been creating little color chips in Photoshop of sites that inspire me, using the color picker to pick out little bits of loveliness. Using the same method I picked out colors from the 3 photos above...

3 palettes

And lastly, 3 things I saw that delighted me:

  1. A young man reading Pablo Neruda on the subway, near enough for me to eavesdrop and read snatches of beauty over his shoulder...
  2. A guy in a puffy parka just behind him, composing a rap out loud and saying to his friend, "I need pen and paper, I gotta write this s*** down!"
  3. Fat, fluffy sparrows hopping in the underbrush.


g said...

my little yellow hen - I'm so glad she inspired you & I hope your site design is going well!

floresita said...

Thank you! I think I could never stop being inspired by your photos - I pretty much want to plan a mosaic around each one I see! :)

The site design is crazy - sometimes I just have to accept the fact that there are only so many things I can take into account and plan for at once... very hard for my perfectionist brain! :)