Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Things Thursday: Red

Three red things courtesy of:
  1. ashley anna brown
  2. kittytown
  3. PS pics

A wonderful person I used to work with in Texas was killed on Monday. We had recently re-connected on Facebook and I looked forward to his daily status updates.

  1. I think of his family, his wife, and his friends.
  2. I think of the silly conversations we used to have at work.
  3. I think of the warm, genuine, caring person he was.

I know death is a part of life. I know violence is a part of life. But to see the two make an appearance in the life of those you know, those you care for... I apologize for this personal post, but this is so much on my mind. I will miss him.


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Thank you! Although it felt weird posting this, it would feel just as weird not to.