Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tips and Tutorials Tuesday: Typography

Nifty typography collage of my delicious tags created by Wordle

That's right, I managed to fit 4 T's in the title of this post! Typography is a passion for me - having taken a Typography class and several graphic design classes, it's a continuing fascination. Just like when I look at crafts and amazing photos, I get this funny, tingly feeling of delight whenever I look at beautiful typography. I've even bought books just because I loved the typeface, and I have a creeping suspicion that I love books more when I love their typesetting....

In any case, creating beautiful Typography is challenging enough in print, but on the web it's a constant challenge. Don't believe me? Just try looking at your favorite sites in more than one browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.) Or, if you're a PC user, look at that favorite site on a Mac (or vice versa). This beautiful site lets you browse blocks of text in different fonts (and tells you which are PC, Vista, and Mac compatible) and download the CSS code: http://www.typechart.com/

I love the new trend in web design that just lets the type speak for itself, and relies less on shiny gradients, tabs, and buttons. In keeping with that new trend, here are a few beautiful designer portfolio sites with amazing typography:


These were all found via the equally beautiful and inspiring Web Designer Wall. Also, if you love Typography, be sure to check out this blog, (fittingly named) I Love Typography. Do any of you love typography and/or know of any good type-ophile sites? And thanks to all of you giving me props on my October blogging resolution! :)


Early Bird Special said...

Oh yes, I love typography too. Although, you've just turned me on to a whole new side of the art. Before, I simply loved to surf for different fonts, and use them mainly for embroidery purposes! Would font surfing even be classified under typography? ;)

floresita said...

I think font surfing definitely qualifies! I left out that for years I have had a font obsession and have to hold myself back from collecting random fonts! :)

Joey said...

listening to Cirque du Soleil soundtracks, surfing the net and finally landing on Benoit Jutras' web site http://www.benoitjutras.com/index.html - great fonts