Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wardrobe Wednesday: Time for Tweeds

The winter grays do give me the blahs, but somehow I'm attracted to grays of all kinds in my wardrobe. In particular, I've been eyeing a pair of gray shoes I want to buy... But what I love about fall and winter in New York are all the extra clothes I can wear - layering sweaters, tights, and lots of tweeds. Yes, those are even tweed shoes. :) I like to perk up the fuddy-duddy tweeds with an occasional crazy-colored bag, tights, or shoe.

What colors and patterns are you drawn to in your wardrobe? Also, what's your favorite season for your wardrobe - summer barely-there clothes or winter layers?


IamSusie said...

I used to wear grey when I was younger, but now that I am greying around the temples and forehead, it somehow makes me look older.

This time of year, I am drawn to browns, blues and deep reds. I'd wear tweeds, but as a SAHM, I have little use for dressier outfits.

Claudia said...

i have to say that weather wise i love the spring, summer and fall too. however, when it comes to wardrobe i definitely go with fall and winter. i love layering and feeling warm and cozy when i'm out. i too have a lot of blacks, grays and browns in my closet at the moment.

p.s. i love those shoes!

Gumbo Lily said...

I love this picture! Gorgeous combination. I like fall/winter wardrobes and the layers, but when spring hits, I'm ready to shed the layers for simpler clothing. I guess I'm thankful for all the seasons so I never get bored.