Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello, hawk

hello, hawk

Lately we've been seeing a red-tailed hawk flying outside the windows and wondering where he roosts. Our guess is one of the tall terraces in the building across the street since he's (?) always in our area. Yesterday I saw him fly up to an AC unit and sit there for a few minutes, scoping out the view. I raced for my camera but went a bit crazy with my digital zoom, so pardon the fuzzies. :) His tail looks bright red in the sunshine when he flies - it's amazing to watch.

I've had such lazy afternoons, planning projects and not necessarily getting upset when I don't carry them out. I love the holiday season - the feeling of happy laziness and expectance. Hope you guys are enjoying it too!


g said...

oh, he's {?} lovely! I've always found the stories of birds of prey living in cities fascinating...thanks for sharing :)

Estefanita said...

My favorite bird is the stellar jay.

They were all over Tahoe - I miss those damn birds :(

BTW, the zoom feature on your camera must be like a 8x Zoom! Yowza

a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. I wonder if he eats pigeons?

floresita said...

G - I think it's amazing that hawks can adapt so well to city life, but Manhattan has everything they need - high spaces to roost and vermin aplenty. :) The only sad thing is when they eat poisoned rats and die.. :(

Steph, my new camera has a 20x optical zoom (pretty awesome, eh). I would only brag to you because you're my best friend. :)

cat - they do eat pigeons and squirrels and rats. I think squirrels are their snack of choice, there's a hawk at Columbia University that even has it's own blog:

megan said...

This hawk has me smiling from ear to ear! He's so amazing!

p.s. My mom read my blog and then looked at yours because I link to it. She called me and told me how much she loves everything you've made. When I told her that you did the translation for my grandma's shrine forever ago she was so happy and touched.

Chris Salley said...

That is really cool!

barncat said...

I had no idea there could be red-tailed hawks in NYC, same as here in central Illinois. I love learning new things about places I've never been! Love to look at all the things you've made and the places you've been!

Scarlet Tanager said...

Wow, he's beautiful.

We used to see one flying around the preschool. I would joke that he was waiting to snatch a kid, but no one else thought that was funny.