Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DMC Thread Project, continued...

So, believe it or not, I am still happily at work on my personal DMC thread project. I collected all the images online, assigned them color names, and meticulously put them in order (because the Alphabetical sort option in Flickr wasn't smart enough to sort the 300's and 3000's separately). Since I was lucky enough to be gifted an entire collection of Presencia embroidery floss, I also annotated each DMC floss color with its Presencia equivalent. I started annotating with Anchor equivalents but that's ongoing because I don't have any Anchor floss, anyway, so there's no real rush.

Yes, people, this is how I entertain myself.

The next, and (in my mind) most fun part of the whole project has been arranging all the colors into "color families", as determined by DMC. I love reading the color names, and wondering who exactly sat down with a pile of 400+ floss skeins and named them all. Aside from getting a little bored with the heaps of browns (whoa - so many!), I am almost done creating "color families."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there something rather delicious about seeing all these colors sitting next to each other, surrounded by a generous dose of whitespace? I've always been in love with the Flickr layout, but this color swatch project is sending me over the moon...

My color families so far:
DMC Reds, Corals, Pinks
DMC Purples
DMC Blues
DMC Turquoise, Teal, Aquamarine
DMC Greens
DMC Peach, Orange, Brown
DMC Grays and Black

Also, there are certain shades I gravitate to, over and over again.
My favorites are:
Sky Blue
Teal and Sea Greens
Gray Greens
Peach, Terra Cotta, Rosewood
Grays and Black

What about you? Are there any colors you're drawn to? Feel free to illustrate with links to my color swatches! :)


Sarah said...

im in love with the electric blue family,

and plum

megan said...

I've already mentioned it, but I just adore these! I'm such a color nut. . . even if I'm not fond of a color individually, seeing it with its color family or in a lovely palette always makes me swoon. I am always drawn to cool greens and blues (especially though when paired with hot corals, pinks, and reds)

Nicole said...

Where do you categorize your yellows? Anyway I love the Peacock and Delft blues:
and 321 (red) is dear to me although I would like it to be a bit shinier.