Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Feeling Stitchy badges

Old Feeling Stitchy badge

So, I decided the Feeling Stitchy badge needed work. And I thought I'd let you tag along on my laborious, haphazard process. :)

We've had a lovely handmade banner by Kirsty for oh, almost a year, and I wanted to incorporate its awesomeness in a new badge...

Hmmm. I opened up Photoshop and went nuts. The first version was very simple - I just moved around Kirsty's lovely letters, cropped, and sized it down to 140 px:
new badge

Still, my first love continues to be that little thimble guy, remember him?
I try to incorporate him often...

The original fabric background gave me trouble, so I erased it (yes that takes A LONG time. :)

I found another fabric background with a nice canvas-y texture, and used that. I added a very slight drop shadow to thimble guy and the FS letters to make them pop:
too light? too dark?

Harumph. Something about that nubbly background just wasn't working for me. I tried another natural linen background, but that one looked too dark.

I even tried putting it all in a wooden embroidery hoop. I was getting tired and lazy, so my execution on this one wasn't the best:

I dropped the fabric altogether, and used colored shapes in Photoshop instead as background. Pink, too, for good measure:
blue badge new badge

What do you think? Did you like old thimble guy better (at the top)? Like any of those fabric backgrounds? Think I'm a nut for redesigning badges in my spare time? All comments welcome... :)

Edit: Ooh, or how about these? I basically want to include an option that a man wouldn't be afraid to add to his blog. There are man-broiderers out there, you know...
just letters? blue
yello lt. green


Peggy. said...

I like the first one you did where you just moved the stitched words around. I like the origional stitched colors and background best.

Alli said...

I think they all look great! I'm definitely going to be putting one up - I can't believe that I've never posted a feeling stitching badge on my blog before. Now to decide which one...hmmmm....

Aubribanana said...

I like the light green background personally.

Little Green Doll said...

Oh, I like any with the thimble guy.

sewitsforyou said...

I like the one in the hoop. I can't believe that contest was a year ago already. I am so behing the times...I do love the ones witht he thimble guy too

donkeyinawhitecoat said...

I love thimble fact, I suggest holding a small contest to NAME thimble guy. I like the pink and blue boxes WITH thimble guy. They look the sharpest to me, the most like a "button" I guess.

luvshabuu said...

i like it with the light yellow background, because lighter background make your stitches colour look bolder and stand out =) so prettyy