Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Lottie was featured over at Mr X Stitch today and I'm all aglow. Thank you Bridget and Mr X Stitch! Needless to say, I heart your blog and I am moved beyond words.

So, I thought I'd share one of my 60's French faves with you, a little lovesong to say thanks. Sheesh. and shucks.

It also occurs to me that I never really said why I was drawn to Lottie and decided to stitch her - I'm drawn to unusual people of all kinds because I think of what a struggle it is to feel totally ordinary but have features that set you apart physically, that make people stop and stare. I think we can all relate to having something about us that makes us uncomfortable or that we wish we could change, or that makes us feel "freakish." But of course, ultimately, physical appearance is just one piece of the puzzle - it shapes who we are, but the person we are can be totally distinct.

What I loved about Badbird's pattern was the sweet and innocent expression and clothing she drew for Lottie. I imagine Lottie as a totally innocent, kind child who is aware of how others see her but unruffled by it. I also love the vintage lazy daisies in the border that Badbird drew, and decided to stitch everything in very sweet, pastel colors to emphasize, again, Lottie's sweetness. I loved how this pattern presents you with an unusual subject that makes you stop and think, juxtaposing the ordinary with the unusual. Thanks, Badbird, for the awesome pattern! :)

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Ondine said...

I really love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful embroidering you've done. I've only just started dipping my toe in the world of embroidery. Can I ask - what fabric do you usually do them on?