Monday, September 28, 2009

Conversations: Early Bird Special

Conversations: Early Bird Special
1. easter bunny by me 2. Yeti Puppet by Amy
3. Untitled by me 4. Blue bird by Amy

I think I first encountered the amazing Amy, or Early Bird Special, when I stumbled on her website a few years ago. I was amazed by her stitching prowess, and that she'd built an entire business out of hand-stitching embroidery. Like most of the people I've met online, never did it occur to me that we'd ever email each other, chat with each other, or that I'd be able to experience first-hand what a sweet, cool, funny, incredible person she is. But through the wonder that is Flickr and the Embroidery group, we got to know each other, became contacts, and I began keeping up with her work in earnest.

So of course, Amy has a great blog (go check it out) and is a meticulous, perfect stitcher. Don't believe me? Check this out. And this. See, it's more than just the stitching, she has a beautiful sense of color, and her favorite color pops up so often in her work that each time I see it I call it "Amy Blue" or "Amy Turquoise." :) Like those sample embroideries on the Sublime Stitching website? Well, Amy stitches a lot of them! I was way honored to be one of the peeps stitching for Jenny's new book, Embroidered Effects, because you know who was also stitching? Amy!

In addition to her Sublime work, she has her own Etsy store with hand-embroidered goods. It's empty now, but be sure to check back because her work will knock your socks off. Oh, and why is it empty? Because she just had a new, gorgeous little baby (because did I mention, she is also a super-mom). :) In short, for the five thousandth time, Amy is lovely and amazing.

My conversation with Amy includes birds, felt creatures (check out that Yeti!) and of course, Amy blue. Thank you Amy, for making my world blue (but, in a good way). :)


Cath from chunkychooky said...

I am very new to stitching and I am so inspired by other peoples work. I love it so much. I love how quiet it is.
I am going to check out the blogs now.
( i love yours too by the way)

Nicole said...

Amy is the best! I admire her stitching. Love her colour choices too...

Early Bird Special said...

Gosh, Flor. Thank you so much for such a sweet write up. These conversations are a great portrait of so many of my favorite stitchers that are so active right now.

I've been having a tough couple of days, which I'm sure you've noticed on Facebook, but this is just the pick me up I needed. Thank you for being so wonderful. You are a true friend. <3

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Yay for Amy indeed! She stitched the example for the collaborative bag I did with Sublime Stitching. When the photo of the finished product showed up in my email I literally got up and did a little dance! She did such a great job!

Oh and I have to say Floresita - I am crazy in love with your Easter bunny :)

keep up the good work ladies!