Friday, September 25, 2009

Conversations: Kittytown

Conversations: Kittytown
1. little spools by me 2. evergreens by kittytown
3. in church by me 4. Inside the abandoned church by kittytown

Megan, or Kittytown (on Flickr) is an example of the amazing people that only seem to exist in internet-land. :) I met her on Craftster, and first knew her for her mad embroidery skills and witty remarks. Then she made the move to Flickr and I became addicted to her wardrobe pictures which combine her humor, elegance, and crazy playfulness. I read her blog for daily laughs and a dose of welcome sarcasm and smartness. She has a shop where she sells her adorable prints: adorable, with a dash of macabre, deep-dark humor, called Ghost Academy. Oh, and an Etsy shop, too.

Now, in her latest incarnation, she arranges flowers for her own shop, Honey and Poppies. And they're not the boring flower arrangements you expect to see at any wedding or event - she has a way of tapping into the very essence of the flowers and showing you how beautiful they are. My favorite wedding she did had a Day of the Dead theme: genius! In short, everything she does, from what she wears, says, makes, and crafts, has her wonderful, intelligent, sarcastic, dark, sweet personality in it.

So, our conversation contains elements I associate with her: vibrant greens and living things and deep, full-of-life reds. Megan, I'm so glad I met you! You make the internet a truly wonderful, sarcastic, sweet, and gorgeous place. :)

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megan said...

Aww, you made me tear up! Thank you, flor! I adore you and find you a constant source of inspiration!