Thursday, September 10, 2009

Signs of life

cicada wing, originally uploaded by Creature Comforts.

My favorite bug as a child growing up had to be the cicada, which has a much nicer name in Spanish, "chicharra." I loved the rare days when I got to watch one hatch, clinging to a tree stump with its beautiful wet green wings laced with gold. To me, it was a sign of summer, a sign of life. I loved the idea, then and now, that even when so many things are ending, so many infinitely beautiful things are also beginning. That image above, by the way, belongs to the talented Creature Comforts, not me.

Here are a few more photos from other Flickr people that are inspiring me with hope. I hope they do the same for you:


1. (doe-c-doe) thrifted camera-with-flower, 2. (elsie*cake) hot air balloons!, 3. (yvestown) New Bottoms

1. (meezi) House embroidery, 2. (elsita) Green Skirt, 3. (elsie*cake) pretty autumn design


Nanci said...

OK so if you like these creatures you'll love Victorias post awhile back..... "rebirth"



Chris Salley said...

I've been missing your bloggin'