Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conversations: amyleigh

Conversations: amyleigh
1. Letter I by me 2. Botanical Applique by Amy
3. morning walk by me 4. tennies today by Amy

Amy, or Ibby Bee, or amyleigh, on Flickr, is a kind blogger I go way back with - she was with us in our earliest days at Feeling Stitchy. She did all kinds of great tutorials, and book reviews, including this lovely cross-stitch design, and one of my absolute favorites, this little dancing girl. She has a blog, and you can see her beautiful photography on Flickr.

I love that Amy has the crafting spirit, and tries so many different crafts, and does them all so well. I feel this thank you to her comes late, as I never fully thanked her for all the help she gave on Feeling Stitchy, but I do hope she finds it!

My conversation with Amy contains brightness and crafting and the fun, weird quirk we seem to share of photographing our feet. :) Thank you Amy, for your warmth and craftiness and generosity!

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Alli said...

What pretty yellows (and pretty feet!). I'm really loving these conversations; they are such nice spots of kindness and community. Thanks for reminding me of why I love craft bloggers so much, Floresita!