Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conversations: Chris

Conversations: Chris
1. Walk by Chris 2. my skirt + New York + rain by me
3. Self-Portrait by Chris 4. silhouette of a strange girl by me

Chris is one of those really kind people you meet every once in awhile, while blogging. I must have found her first through her embroidery, but I've loved watching her progress in paintings and sketches, and her self-portrait challenge last year.

There are 2 more things I love about Chris - first she is tough! She's the second person I know of in blogland who was mugged, and instead of letting the fear overpower her, she was able to get back out there, and let her life return to to normal again. I can't imagine how scared I would be if the same thing happened to me. Second thing - her boyfriend is in a band, so she posts lots of pics of their traveling back and forth, and gigs. She's one of those people who make blogging feel like it involves real people, instead of just screen names. I love her for her bravery, her creativity, and her downright friendliness.

My conversation with Chris combines just a few shared things. I want to thank her for being so kind and forthright, and caring. Thanks, Chris!


Chris Salley said...

oh my gosh. i feel famous! i'm loving this new thing you are doing...even before you wrote about me! thanks for your kind words.

Kimmie said...

Hey I know her! She's pretty nifty in person, too. :)