Friday, October 30, 2009

Conversations: Drewzel

Conversations: drewzel
1. dapper tomato by me 2. dapper tomato by Steph
3. finished! by me 4. girl and flowers by Steph

Steph, or drewzel, as she is known on Flickr, is a very generous crafter who admins the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers pool, and an old Flickr friend for me.

Steph has a huge collection of vintage transfers herself, and does some fabulous embroidery with them. We got to know each other thanks to our mutual passion for transfers, particularly Vogart transfers. However, after the Vogart debacle, we removed all of our Vogart stuff (which is why that transfer image top left is not available). :( In any case, I still keep up with the incredibly talented and hilarious Steph, although it's now more on Facebook than Flickr. But I never thoroughly thanked her for all her inspiration and generosity in our transfer-sharing days, and really wanted to here.

So my conversation with Steph is of course, about vintage cuteness. Thanks, Steph, for being such a good Flickr friend, for your generosity, and for your hilariousness! :)

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Drewzel said...

Oh golly!! Super blush! I just sat down again and caught up on some blogs and eep! I find this.
THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart, you're lovely and I appreciate every word.
I'm definitely aiming for more blogging, less FB in 2010 after I've sorted out the ruins of my personal life.
Love ya xx