Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conversations: Eydie

Conversations: Eydie
1. a little something by me 2. Finished! by me
3. alice in wonderland by Eydie 4. details story quilt collage by Eydie

Like most really talented artists, it is very hard to reduce Eydie (or shebrews, on Flickr) to just a few words. For one, she is very generous! Our Flickr friendship began when she offered to donate a few transfers for my vintage transfers blog, only to send me a huge box of over 50 sheets! She's also blogged with us at Feeling Stitchy for the past 2 years, contributing so many carefully thought out tutorials and projects.

Now, there's Eydie the artist. She's an accomplished artist and works in many media -I'm absolutely fascinated by her delicate acrylic illustrations on book pages. They're incredibly detailed and gorgeous. Also, she of course embroiders, does fabric and paper collage, makes little stuffed creatures, and art quilts.

I love the childlike, dreamy quality and love of fantasy in her work - it's like a fairy tale unfolding. My conversation with Eydie includes these dreamlike elements and natural wonder. Thanks, Eydie, for being generous and sharing with all of us, your talent and inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments "conversation". You have inspired me so many times with your blog and posts in Feeling Stitchy. I'll never forget the day you noticed me on Flickr and invited me to your Flickr Embroidery group. It was a wonderful gesture to a newbie to the internet. Thank you for letting me be a part of something you inspired!