Monday, October 19, 2009

Conversations: Hodge Podge Farm

Conversations: Hodge Podge Farm
1. hazy by me 2. batik smock with crochet by Cal
3. in my hat by me 4. red cloche by Cal

Cal was one of the first bloggers I met in real life, but I did meet her before I "met" her blog. Cal is a clothing designer and multi-crafter, teaching classes in embroidery, sewing, crochet, knitting, and more, here in NYC. She's just published an awesome-looking new book called Design-It-Yourself Clothes - I literally just found that out and I am so excited for her - yippee! :) She has a wonderful blog that will let you know about all her new clothing, classes, and doings. She sells her one-of-a-kind clothing and crafts in her Etsy store. She's also a contributor on Craft Stylish.

I met Cal at a book release party and I was charmed by her warm, quiet and friendly personality. Cal was also the person who introduced me to the Madewell peeps, for which I am eternally grateful - thanks to her I've done many Denim After Dark events at their store. Oh, and she also has an incredibly cute chihuahua named Gertie. Blogging and emails are fun, but there's nothing like actually meeting a crafter like Cal and working with her - seeing the fun things she's wearing, and the way her love of making permeates her existence. Cal is really kind, easygoing and generous.

My conversation with Cal is about what we wear - colors and tones and textures and moods. Thank you Cal, for being my first crafty friend in New York and making this chilly city so much warmer with your friendship and generosity!


Kay said...

Thank you for your blog. I just started reading it and I love it. I've noticed your "feet" photos (fun). You probably already know, but "Fifty Acorns Tied in a Sack" has a banner on her blog of her feet...maybe you're starting a new fad! Anyway, thanks again for your sharing spirit.


hodge podge said...

awww flor, i am blushing! you are one of the most thoughtful and sweetest people i know. i'm so glad to know you! thanks for the lovely conversation ;n)