Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conversations: Jenny Hart

Conversations: Jenny Hart
1. Me duele tanto! by me 2. Brunette by Jenny
3. The torso by me 4. All Star Girl by Jenny

Whenever I chat with embroidery friends online, it never fails that Jenny Hart comes up as the person we point to who really kick-started us into embroidery. The embroidery community as it is today, hip, friendly, generous, avant garde, and edgy would not exist if it wasn't for Jenny, and so I saved my very last conversation for her, the one who started it all for me. :)

I've yammered often about her work here, online, and to real people, and I get that kind of glazed-over look in my eyes because her talent just floors me. One thing I may not have mentioned before though, is how much it means to me that she includes subjects for her embroidery that are familiar and significant to me. We both lived in south Texas, and so many of her portraits speak that familiar language of tough girls, Gang girls, white girls, and even the mystical llorona. I love how much of her portraiture celebrates Hispanic culture, musicians and music. I'm super-lucky to have met her and embroidered a few projects for her current book, Embroidered Effects. She's kind, funny, inspired, and an amazing artist.

My conversation with Jenny is about inspiration - in short, the inspiration she has been to me. Thanks, Jenny, for bringing embroidery back to us all - for showing us how cool, edgy, fun, cute, and beautiful it can be!


Coralene said...

The first picture is just beautiful work, and portraits are my favorite embroidery projects. Lovely xx

Swapna said...

Wow.. congrats