Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conversations: kunderwood

Conversations: kunderwood
1. closeup by me 2. twinkle in her eye by Kristi
3. thimble guy by me 4. peanut 3 by Kristi

Kristi, or kunderwood is no stranger to you if you hang around the Embroidery group. She has a craft blog which you must visit for inspiration. She really knows her way around a French knot! She's a sweetheart, something that comes through in her emails and in the projects she works on.

Her work is all about the details, and all you have to see to recognize her beautiful skills is a good closeup, like this, or this, or this. Her skill blows me away! I love the vivid colors she chooses, the printed fabrics she uses, her chunky (or very delicate) stitches, and the cute motifs she embroiders.

My conversation with Kristi includes a bit of Sublime Stitching, and some seriously cute anthropomorphic characters. Thank you Kristi, for being such a kind, sweet person, and for bringing your talent and inspiration to the Embroidery group!


Kristi said...

Oh Flor, you've brought tears to my eyes! I am so flattered. :) Thank YOU for being such a sweet person and an inspiration to all of us. ♥

Penny Nickels said...

Yay Kristi! She's so talented!