Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Conversations: Lindamade

Conversations: Lindamade
1. Sew Kitty facing the right way by me 2. contemplating by Linda
3. closeup by me 4. Buttons by Linda

Linda is a fabulous crafter you may already know from her blog and her numerous projects in craft publications like Crochet Today, Craft, and Craft Stylish. She also has a new book called Crochet Adorned and an Etsy shop where you can purchase her patterns and handmade items.

Remember that awesome crafty magazine that lived on the shelves for far too short a time, Adorn? Well, Linda was the founding Craft and Decorating Editor - so if you recall the beautiful, spunky, awesome ideas in there (like that awesome magazine cover above), she had a hand in making them! I met Linda when she was working at Adorn, and what I remember most about her was that she was wearing the most awesome hand-decorated sneakers. I really, really wanted to snap a pic of them but I was too shy. :) You may also remember Linda from her Hope For Jasenn Etsy store, in which she donated all proceeds to her brother-in-law's fight against cancer. I was moved to see the number of people who responded to help Linda, and it was my first experience with grief on the internet. Even when we lose the people who are dear to us, together we manage to build a network of joy and hope.

My conversation with Linda is about craftiness, spunk, cats, and and cat-eye glasses. Thank you Linda, for being a wonderful crafty friend, online and in person, for sharing your hope, joy, and craftiness with everyone. Make Texas beautiful, my friend! :)


Linda P said...

Aw, Flor, I am touched! :)
And kind of sad that I put those sneakers in the goodwill pile when I moved...

floresita said...

No! But that's a very good reason to re-craft them! :)

CRF_Kitty said...

I recently bought Linda's book "Crochet Adorned" and can definitely recommend it. Thanks for the inspiration Linda!