Friday, October 9, 2009

Conversations: Rickrack Queen

Conversations: Rickrack Queen
1. special effects bridal photo by me 2. mochi bunny and kitty by Carol
3. Happy Birthday by me 4. bottle aprons 002 by Carol

Carol, or Rickrack Queen is a crafter I found in my earliest days on Flickr, but I first saw her awesome vintage embroidery projects on Craftster. She's an admin of the Embroidery group, and was probably one of the first people I ever invited to the group! Carol's blog was probably the first blog I ever added to my daily feed and I must say my absolute favorite thing about Carol's blog are her amazing Halloween costumes. A giant ball of yarn! Her genius and humor truly rock.

She has an Etsy store with lots of adorable stuff, check it out! I first noticed Carol for her embroidery - she, too, loves kitschy vintage patterns and Sublime Stitching stuff, often incorporating them into sweet handmade quilts. One thing I love about Carol is her just 'get in there and do it' attitude - she's less worried about things being perfect and is not afraid to just try something new. For her, craft is all about enjoying what you do, and it's that attitude which endlessly inspires me, too. :)

My conversation with Carol is about crafting and color and just taking joy in the things that you do. Thank you Carol, for being an online friend for such a long time, for encouraging me with your very presence and spunk. It has been an honor to share in your experiences! :)


Sarah said...

I've purchased two of her lunch bags and a set of sandwich wraps from RickRackQueen and they are perfect- exactly what we needed.

6p00d83451bdb269e2 said...

Carol is one of my long time sweetest friends on Flickr and Blogville. I am so proud of all her hard work selling bags and rocking the oilcloth! I have a bag that she embroidered with "meat market" on it and the cutest steak you ever saw! I just hope and pray that one day she can retire to Florida and I can hang out and stitch with her into our sunsets.
Thanks for posting about her!
xo, Kim