Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conversations: sewitsforyou

Conversations: sewitsforyou
1. closeup on finished Spanish girl by me 2. Cute Little Heads Bib by Julie
3. wispy by me 4. Girl Angel Up Close by Julie

Julie, or sewitsforyou is another crafter I met through Flickr and Craftster. I probably found her first through her cute stitch-ups of Sublime Stitching patterns, but she loves stitching all kinds of stuff, peek at her blog to see more. She has an Etsy shop with lots of cute stuff, take a look.

It's odd how you feel like you get to know a person when you become Flickr contacts, as you click through weddings, events, and all the tiny novelties that make up life. What comes through in Julie's pics and projects is her humor, love of color, kindness, and a little bit of sass. :) One last connection - when I was grieving over my dad's passing I tried not to talk about it too much here, or to anyone. I've always been the type that internalizes what is going on, because sometimes it's too heavy to express. But I can't say how comforting it was to read Julie's emails which were always kind and supportive, and literally held my hand through all of it. Also, Julie just had a beautiful baby boy, and his name is Sam. He was named after a family member, but that was also my dad's name. To me it's a wonderful picture of the circle of life. Nothing really is lost. Memories and beauty and people leave us in one form, but come back into the world in another.

My conversation with Julie includes stitching and loveliness. Thank you Julie, for your kindness, your undying love of Flight of the Conchords, and that little bit of sass! ;)

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Sally said...

Julie had a baby? Wonderful! I did a swap with Julie a couple of years ago - funny how friendships can cross over. I love Julie's work too - I received a gorgeous tea towel... :-)