Friday, October 2, 2009

Conversations: Susie

Conversations: Susie
1. little owlet by me 2. Owl Pouch by Susie
3. Untitled by me 4. Birthday Bunting by Susie

Susie is another crafter I've been delighted to watch grow and progress. I've kept up with her Flickr stream and her blog since my earliest days on Flickr. I love that she loves Japanese felt mascots, crochet, knitting and embroidery. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she's also good at woodworking, basketweaving, glassblowing, and moonwalking, she's so good at every single thing she does!

Susie also blogs for Craft Critique and has an Etsy shop. One of the things that really makes me very bittersweet-ly happy is the loving way she chronicles her grandmother's crafts. It's such a lovely testament to the beauty of sharing craft across generations - it really is a language we use to speak to each other, tell each other what's important, and share our love with each other.

My conversation with Susie is bright, colorful, and felt-filled. Thanks Susie for filling my life with color, depth, happiness, and emotion. You're a truly lovely person!


IamSusie said...

Flor, You are a lovely person through and through. Thank you for you lovely words about me! Your work always inspires!

Carina said...

Susie rrrrrocks! Yes, she does! :-)