Thursday, October 8, 2009

Conversations: Sweet Jessie

Conversations: Sweet Jessie
1. for my mother's birthday by me 2. scalloped fabric garland by Jessie
3. finished! by me 4. Senorita by Jessie

Jessie, or sweetjessie, on Flickr is a kind and generous crafter I met in my early days of blogging. She has her own blog and an Etsy shop which you must check out, if for no other reason than to race to buy that fantabulous vintage sheet scalloped bunting! There's only one left, and it's taken me all the self-control known to man not to buy it.

Jessie blogged with us at Feeling Stitchy, doing series of great interviews with stitchers last year called Stitchy Woman. :) Jessie is kind, supportive of other crafters, and each time I check her blog she is mentioning and giving props to some new crafty business. It's people like Jessie who make the crafting community a wonderful place: always quick to lend a hand and say an encouraging word. Oh, and of course, she also stitches and sews. Her color palette is light, colorful, candy-colored, and sweet.

My conversation with Jessie is a true back and forth - each of us speaking in craft in our own color dialects: she in turquoise and pastels and me in reds and corals and dark tones. Thanks, Jessie, for being a kind and wonderful crafter, and inspiring all of us with your lovely world!


Gumbo Lily said...

Love your senorita! Such fine stitching.


Jessie said...

Thank you for posting our sweet conversation! I really love this series!! xo