Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conversations: Therese

Conversations: Therese
1. let me put on my doll face by me 2. Pink doll vintage cake toppers by Terry
3. necklace by me 4. White semi-translucent bead rosary by Terry

Terry is the woman behind the uber-sweet blog Softies Central, the Softie Awards, and a number of cute books like Softies, the Softies Kit, and Zakka Sewing. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells lovely vintage items.

I met Terry after winning a Softie Award for my felt owl townhouse way back in March 2007. She's a warm, friendly person with a vision for cuteness - even the restaurant we met in - Kitchenette, was cute. :) We chatted about all kinds of stuff, but mostly what it's like to craft and blog and interact with perfect strangers over the internet. She was the first blogger I've met in person, and she was every bit as kind as she came across online. She invited me to the book event where I met Cal and Linda, and the 3 of them were the trifecta of kind, crafty people I've met in New York. I love her eye for tiny details, and how she is a true 'appreciater' of crafts - she's that person we all craft for, who sees and loves every detail in the things we do.

My conversation with Terry is about those tiny details, and vintage things. Thank you Terry, for inviting me into your world, and brightening mine with all of your discoveries!

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