Wednesday, October 28, 2009


deep red leaf

Just a quick non-conversations post so I can share some pics of leaves popping up in my camera of late. I don't know if I love fall, but ever since I moved to New York, I do enjoy it so much more. I suppose it's because in NY we have a "real fall" as opposed to the lame and inconsistent coolness we experience in south Texas. But there's something in particular about leaves changing color and falling and gathering all around that makes me feel peaceful. I remember all the happy excitement of Halloween creeping up, when I was a child, the way the nights suddenly got so much darker and interiors of houses grew cozier and warmer by degrees....


I love the white gray mist that hangs on things, obscuring tops of buildings and people in fog. I used to hate gray days but I finally realized this year, that thanks to NY, I've come to love them. The whole city quiets itself - you can have the park to yourself, sidewalks clear out, and as the cars pass you hear the whoosh and swish of wet tires on wet roads. The sky, in its fog, seems intimate, and hugs you close, like an old friend. And the rain is an extra, cold caress that reminds your skin of former things. Ok, fall, I love you. :)


dark horse said...

How beautifully written. I have also come to appreciate the automn lately, it does have its charms.

Rebekah said...

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I love the crisp morning air and the slight frost on the car windows. Some how it makes the world seem cleaner.

We are only 3 hrs away from Mt. Rainer here in Washington and we go every fall to see the leaves change. It is quite beautiful.

It is always nice to know others love fall.

Alisha said...

My husband & I are New Yorker's currently living on Ft. Benning in GA. We have only been here a little over 7 months, but, missing NY terribly. Enjoy and keep posting pics.