Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More nighttime shots

Snapped this one last week, it's dark but I like the lights on the church spire. It's odd to me that I've lived in New York so long that so much of it has become very intimate and familiar to me. This church spire, for instance, that I have passed probably hundreds of times over the years, morning, noon, and night. Of course I share this city with millions of people, and I wonder about their connections to all the same corners, landmarks, and lights. It's something to all of us, all at once...

And here was the sky at dusk tonight:

Thank you for all your comments about my mother's paintings. I know she will be flattered beyond belief. :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I agree wholeheartedly with your Crafting Philosophy, Floresita, although I do buy new fabric on sale or coupon, I but more from second-hand stores, especially sheets and wool sweaters that my daughter recycles and re-knits. I'll be by often to visit. God Bless you!