Friday, November 13, 2009

Pretty in Punk is done

All done!

All done now! I was surprised how quickly it went - less than an hour and a half (yeah, one more viewing of Twilight + Riff Trax, soon I'll have that thing memorized). :) I didn't do any complicated stitches or filling in, so it was fun and fast. The trickiest part had to be those eensy-weensy buttons on her jacket, though:

Up close

I started stressing myself out because my "DIY" was illegible, then I stopped and said, "You know what, who cares?" ;) I used DMC metallic silver floss in spots, and I've finally gotten the hang of it. Use it only on small areas, like that straight line under "Punk" - because if you pull that floss through the fabric any more than 5-6 times it's definitely gonna tangle, break, and make you all-around regret it.

Here are the floss colors I used, if you're curious (click the pic to see additional description):

Colors used

Just a sidenote about colors - have you ever noticed that colors for clothing, furniture, design, and fabrics go "in" and "out"? I remember attending my first little workshop at Parsons where I listened open-mouthed to one of the people who actually gets to plan all that out! People actually sit in rooms and plan 10-15 years in advance, what colors will be "in". Well, to those peeps, whoever they may be, may I say 'thank you' for all the magentas, pinks and purples:

Colors on the brain

Yeah, I'll admit that I was hating on you for awhile, and just wasn't loving it. Those pinks, purples and magentas are an acquired taste. But now I'm hooked. And so glad all the crappy browns, tans, and olives are out, because I never looked good in them, anyway.

What about you guys? What do you think of all the magentas out there right now? What's been your favorite "in color"? :)


Early Bird Special said...

She's gorgeous Flor! I have a feeling I would've picked an almost identical color palette. I love stitching with the pink family, almost as much as I love those aqua and peacock blues I'm so fond of.

IamSusie said...

I love your punk girl!

Unfortunately, all those olives, browns, and rusts are all over the home decorating stores and it's just so blah. I love bright, saturated color combinations and I am happy that the Color Mafia decided years ago that green would be hip this year. Greens are making me happy!

Alli said...

She's so cute! I think the little bits of metallic are just right for the pattern.

I'm loving magentas and greys right now - such a great combination! I'm also still in love with mustard yellow, although I think it's already out... oh well!

Sally said...

Love your pink lady. I love pink - but magenta is not my colour. especially in summer when my sun burnt skin is the same shade of pink. watermelon, coral, hot pink, etc - all REALLY bad. Blues, greens, browns - all good. I think they offset my pink tones.

beadgirl said...

So pretty!

I'm loving teal right now, which has been around for a while, and the deep purples and charcoals that come out most fall seasons.

Rifftrax did Twilight?! That I have to see. I've been such a fan of the MST3K folks since forever.