Monday, November 23, 2009


So, my Robward cross-stitch progress is crawling along and I'm almost finished. (But it's a Christmas present, anyway, so I have time, right?) In any case, that little phrase up there is what will go underneath Mr. Pattinson's head. I love that phrase because it's a nice allusion to that ridiculous quote from the first novel, yeah, you know what I'm talking about, just admit it. :) Also, because as a self-respecting, independent woman (who is entirely hypocritical for loving Twilight) I am irritated by the Bella character and find her a bit stupid.

Of course, none of that stopped me from watching New Moon twice this weekend. Yep, I'm admitting it. Mostly because none of you guys really know me. (I hope) :) But I must say it was a phenomenon I have never experienced before. Wall-to-wall women in a sold-out stadium theater, well past their 20's and nay, even into their 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Not a teenybopper in sight! And everyone giggling nervously and/or cracking up at intentionally (and unintentionally) humorous moments. Like, shall we say, the moment towards the end when Edward and Bella come trotting out, in their Easter Sunday best like some rogue Gap ad, sparkling in the sunshine? Nevertheless, the film, although chock-full of cheese, was worthwhile if you can get into the books even a little. I'd have to say it's an instant cult classic because I have no other explanation for how much I enjoyed/mocked/loved it.

Anyone else care to "out" themselves as Twilight fans? Promise I won't tell anybody! ;)


Alli said...

Totally loved New Moon! Yes, there were many inadvertently hilarious moments (in addition to the already infamous frolicking in the woods scene, I also found the overly dramatic Bella-and-Jacob-scream-at-each-other-in-the-rain scene really funny, for some reason), but there were also some things that were truly well done, like the sequence just before Bella jumps off the cliff. I'm sure I'll be seeing it again at least once!

floresita said...

Yeah, I agree, a lot of it WAS really well-done - I loved that chase scene too (especially the Thom Yorke song)!

There was a lot of dialogue and plot that you can't fault the filmmakers for, because it's just in there and readers would cry foul if it was changed... but I really loved the cinematography, the colors they used, more action, etc. Even the tough critics have to admit it looked beautiful.

I also loved a lot of the wry humor in the script, second time around I realized there were lots of clever/silly puns in there to get the audience laughing. (on purpose)

Yeah, I cracked up at the Bella and Jacob screaming in the rain scene, too! But there again I spotted some sly script humor: "It's not me - it's you, right?" I really think the screenwriter had fun with it. :)

Sujomi said...

I took my 12 year-old daughter, and I must admit that my main incentive to watch it was to see Sharkboy's chest. I can't believe he is only 17. Where was that kind of boy when I was 17? Sigh.

I also enjoyed the teenaged audience's reactions to the movie.

floresita said...

Ha ha, me too! Second time around there was a pack of teen girls, and one was screaming hysterically and/or interjecting exactly what everyone was thinking but not saying. :) So much fun! ;)

Amy Woo said...

I wasn't going to go the day it came out (20 November in England) because I knew it would be packed, and all the showings between 6pm and midnight were sold out anyway.

Then, on a whim, me and my sister-in-law went to the 2:30pm showing, because we knew all the kids would be at school. It wasn't that busy, it was full of twenty-somethings (like me!) and it was the most shambolic audience ever, there was laughs a-plenty and plenty of "ooooooohs! and "aaaaaaaaaahs!" specifically at around the time Jacob feels it necessary and appropriate to take his top off to mop a tiny bit of blood off Bella's head! Amazing!

But yes, I also feel Bella is very very stupid. The cliff jumping incident is particularly grating, but I suppose quite essential to the story.

There, it's out there, I love Twilight!

floresita said...

Ha ha, wasn't it awesome? The more I read about this Twilight phenomenon, the more I am changing my opinion about it, really. I think it has very positive aspects because it opens up this conversation between females of all ages - and sometimes, that conversation is HILARIOUS. :)

People are so worried that young girls will try to emulate Bella and/or see her as a role model - I'm starting to realize that they, like us, don't do that. Mostly, they have the same frustrations with her character that we do. Ultimately, you can't deny that it's a captivating story and a lot of fun. :)

So, yeah, let's love Twilight and not be ashamed! ;) To me it's like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of teen movies. :)

Sew Useful Designs said...

Ah - you got me!

Yes, I am totally besotted with the whole saga. And although I am old enough to be mother to the gorgeous guys in the movies (HOW did that happen?!) I still find myself incredibly envious of Bella that she gets to be caught up between them... LOL... :-)

Vikki x

me melodia said...

you nailed this one.