Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cute Loot

my ornie

So here's the cute loot I scored at the Etsy booth on Sunday (when I didn't have my camera, as you may recall)... I made this cute little ornament from a free kit they had at the booth. I sat down with their shiny silver shears and complimentary thread, but since I'm hardcore, I totally had my own needle on hand. :) Yeah, I really hope they didn't think I was stealing their needle, I always come prepared to embroider. :)

Now, as if it wasn't enough that they provided materials to make your own ornament, you could even take a kit with you. Or, 2, in my delighted case, because I swore I'd be giving them away:

You want to take a closer look at that bear? Yeah, I know you do. But be careful, because he's so flipping cute, he could hurt you.
bear ornie

They also had these cute gift tags on hand:
gift tags from Etsy

I had to ask "is this free?" a few times before I really believed it.

Then I headed to the Hello Craft booth next door which boasted an entire table of crafts you could sit down and make. I settled for a few bookmarks with Craft Pudding stamps:
bookmarks I made

I'm thinking I'll add all of this to the Holiday giveaway on Feeling Stitchy - just hoping I can squish them down enough to travel cheaply... :)

Have you guys gone to any good craft / holiday fairs yet? Scored any awesome free stuff? Met any cool peeps?


Alli said...

Oh my gosh, SO. SO. CUTE. That bear is amazing!

SpiffySara said...

ahhh my heart just melted a little bit when I saw that bear! I will have to visit etsy.com later on to get one of my own!

floresita said...

I know, I died when I saw that bear. :)

I don't know if they're selling these kits - they were free at the event - but I'm sure they'd sell like hotcakes!

beadgirl said...

The bear is adorable. And I am so jealous you got to go to the craft fair (grumble stupid final class project grumble).

Jaki said...

WOW for free! But they are so adorable =)

Haha and carrying around ur needle ^o^

BTW Nice blog u have!