Monday, December 28, 2009

I really love to wrap presents

oh, yeah, I love to wrap presents.

I am crap at picking out presents. It's odd to me, because in general, I think I am a very perceptive person, and pick up on the hidden traits and likes and dislikes in the people around me, especially the people I love. I pick up on all the little emotional cues in their faces and mannerisms that many people seem blind to. And yet all of these details and accumulated information go out the window the second I try to choose a present for someone. They're lucky if they end up with a giftcard or something insultingly functional that they need. In short, I am crap at picking presents.

But I love to wrap them:

It gives me unbelievable joy to wrap presents. All year I hoard ribbon, tissue paper, bows and cards, and make several trips to the store for totally unnecessary Christmas wrap. I am unbelievably picky in my choices, because not just anything will do. I touch, weigh, and even sniff each paper, looking for the perfect combination of ribbon, bow, and wrap. Yup, I am a wrapping freakazoid.

I didn't have much to wrap this year, since I didn't go home, but I did manage to purchase a few odds and ends for the wonderful family that let me spend Christmas with them. The presents, of course, were ridiculously functional - like warm Christmas socks or towels for my roomies. But the wrapping of them resulted in pure joy (for me) nevertheless. :)

I think about the last days of this year, and about the time I've spent in New York. I love that it snowed before Christmas, and that all the ebullient whiteness stuck around for the holidays. It's long since turned to mush and slithered down the sewers with the cold rain.

I bought fuzzy boots to keep me warm in the cold snap, and I really don't know how I functioned before that:

I guess I just thought it was normal to shiver uncontrollably when you're outside. :)

The end of this year makes me think of so much. I think of my family, who I miss. I think of all the people I've lost, and feel grateful for all the things that I've learned. I marvel at the fact that I'm still writing a novel - that's the thought that actually makes me happiest. But most of all, I marvel that I'm here - in this city, in a job I enjoy, with so many friends online and new (real) people I've met. I feel incredibly blessed.

I wish all of these things for you in this chilly New Year. I still have no New Year's plans - how about you?

How will you be ringing in the New Year? I need some ideas! ;)


Wendy said...

Qué lindo envuelves tus regalos!

Karina said...

Nice wrapping....

I would love to spend a white Xmas, my xmas day was a very hot day!!!

Stitcher S said...

Happy New Year to you!

I so disliked wrapping gifts that I MADE myself like a degree.

I do know one lady who loves wrapping so much that she has a room in her house devoted to it. I'm serious! :)

sara lee said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog- via the tutorials on taking better pictures. I LOVE IT! I was excited to read that you were from Texas! I just moved from New York back to Texas and just began my blog back in the fall. Please stop by!
Again- I love your work- it is very inspiring - the embroidery makes me look at drawing in a new light!
Thank you again,

Nicky said...

Wow, your presents look like something from a magazine! I too love to wrap presents... my hubby teases me (cause he hates to wrap) that I should charge the neighbors a fee and wrap their presents too! :) Happy January!