Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monkey needs to calibrate my monitor

monkey advent

Ok guys, I really need your help on this one. I have a brand new PC laptop at home (because my 5 year old Mac finally bit it). I'm having a really hard time getting used to the brightness and color settings on it, so I need your help "calibrating" my monitor. :)

Ok, so that pic above - is it too dark and contrast-y, or is it just right?

Compare to this image:
Please help me calibrate my monitor!

Does that one look too light and washed out to you? Basically, depending on how I adjust my screen settings, one or the other looks perfect to me. It's really driving me crazy. Help!

Maybe only I can see the difference? Here they are smaller:

1.monkey advent
2.Please help me calibrate my monitor!


Amanda said...

The first one looks "right" to me, the contrast is better and shows up the colours, the second picture looks a bit washed out. Also- Monkey is awesome :)

Sarah said...

Best of luck getting your new monitor to look just right! Both of those images look the same to me. Sorry!

IamSusie said...

I have a newish iMac and both images look almost exactly the same to me. It is possible that the upper one is very slightly lighter but it is hard for me to see.

Meninheira said...

Hola :)

Soy la primera!! esto me pasa por trasnochar :)

Sin duda, la segunda imagen es la que yo escogería.

Un besito desde el otro lado del océano.

Alyssa said...

the first pic looks better to me, the monkey is a more black color and the mittens are more vibrant. hope this helps!

dark horse said...

Oh, I know this problem, it drives me mad too. On my screen, the first picture looks good, and the second one looks too light, the colours are a bit faded. Hope that helps :)

J.Loo said...

Yes, I see a difference too. I use Photoshop all the time, so I train my eye to notice changes and if I see a change I don't like I get really paranoid if other people will find it noticeable until it's fixed right.

Photo number 1 looks nicer to my eye. It looks brighter, but photo number 2 could be correct too. When I edit photos I think about the lighting in the photo. Does it look natural? If it is natural lighting, do you remember it being that bright or soft? It's something I always keep in mind (when editing photos)...

...but with calibrating monitors I guess that's different and what I'm saying is probably not helpful in any form. I have seen websites that can calibrate your monitor for you or show you how to step by step. Though I couldn't tell you what sites... :\

But I like number 1. Good luck figuring it out!

thisdamselflies said...

They look so similar on my monitor that I can hardly tell the difference. The monkey's pinstripes stand out better on the second one, but that's the only difference I see.