Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter doldrums

I think my winter blehs are in full-bleh right now. I'm enjoying the sharp cold, days of fog, sudden snows, and pearl-gray skies, but I feel more comfortable hibernating with a book and a cup of tea instead of crafting. So, that pic above is actually a craft from December - a handmade sign I made for my friend's store at a craft fair.

I did not make the owl. She made the owl. It's rather punch-in-the-gut cute, no?
cute owl

I keep wondering if it's my camera's fault that my pictures are so dull. But no, I think it's a combination of the weather and the fact that my access to natural light is so limited these days.

I'm really amused by this cup that followed me the other day:

It rolled right up as I was walking by. I'm sure onlookers were thoroughly amused that I photographed the trash, rather than pick it up. :) Call it the winter doldrums.

How are you guys doing? Inspired? Bleh? Meh? :)


Meadowlark said...

To battle the blahs I'm redecorating my kitchen. OK, let's say decorating, since it still had the ORIGINAL 1959 drapes and I've never touched it!!! Butter walls and apple green trim.

Bright fabrics should shake me up. But I will need to come up with something embroidered as wall art.

Thinking... thinking...

J.Loo said...

I'm very much so in the "Bleh" this winter. All I do is crochet because I don't have to pay attention to it as I work. I want to get back into embroidery, but I'm kind of stuck.

I have a couple pieces I need to work on as a wedding gift, but I don't want to feel forced to embroider. I want to embroider because I want to, you know?

I tried sewing too, but I'm stuck with that. Sigh.

tallmisto said...

I'm very blessed to be living in AZ and just the opposite here. However I think winter would be so worth the cold weather if I had those boots you are wearing in the cup photo. Do you mind sharing info about them? I love them!

cooleydooley said...

Love the cup pics, something I may do - enjoy your blog. I too love to re-purpose old clothing and textiles :-)
Great photographs. I recently got a new camera and am enjoying taking pics of everything and learning photoshop etc. What do you use to remove the backgrounds - like the pic of the dress that is on your homepage now? They come out so well :-)