Monday, March 29, 2010

A few pictures

Up late after finishing my taxes and feeling too antsy to sleep. So here's a few pictures I uploaded last week around the time of my assignments - by the way - keep those coming! I love all the elaborate suggestions I am getting, and that you're sharing such wonderful spots with me! :)

Up above are my new favorite shoes purchased at Target for 8 bucks. 8 bucks. That alone might make them my favorite, but add to that, they're comfortable, and shiny metallic-y sheen zebra print and I'm just sent over the edge. I always know I've bought a really interesting pair of shoes when I catch people staring longingly at them on the subway. Every once in awhile, people love what I'm wearing so much they feel compelled to comment - like the blue coat I've gotten compliments on all winter. I absolutely love things like that. :)

I loved how the moon lined up between these 2 water towers on my walk last Wednesday. I'm not sure which photo I like better, that one above, or this one:

Not much to say, just antsy and sleepy. How are your taxes going? SO glad mine are over!


Anonymous said...

Wow, really beautiful photos!
I've seen your embroidery on Flickr and now i've found your blog!
Hi :)

mizu designs said...

Hi there! Love this blog of yours. I was so happy to see those pics of the LES in Manhattan - a place I'm quite fond of.