Monday, March 22, 2010

Jersey shore

So, this Saturday I went on a quick jaunt to the Jersey shore for my roommates' wedding. It being March and New York, I expected dreary gray weather, a downpour, and a general beastly chill coming off of the cold, cold Atlantic. Instead? The first day of Spring was gorgeous - the warmest it has been all year - and I actually felt a little hot in my strapless dress with the sun warming my shoulders. Perfect day for an outdoor wedding. We took advantage of the gorgeous sunshine the next morning, and took an early walk on the beach, hunting for seashells:

In case you're wondering, yes, neither of those hands are my hands. :) I snuck a pic of my friends as they compared seashells, and snuck a few more shots of them making their quiet way down the shore:

I loved the chill in the morning air - the sand was ice cold from the receding water, and I walked barefoot until my feet were red and numb.

There's something romantic about the beach, I suppose. I've been to so many beaches, being regularly in the company of those who love beaches. I guess, for that reason, I've never really thought about whether or not I love beaches...

And, it occured to me then, that I do.

I love how the memory of all beaches connects them, one to another, as if we don't inhabit different shores, but live on one, large shore that goes around the world. I know that makes no geographic sense. But it's what I feel, when I'm walking on the beach, and I feel that I'm walking on every beach I've ever walked on, with everyone I ever walked with, since the beginning of my life.

Not a bad way to start the Spring.

How was your first day of Spring? Or, if it wasn't Spring in your part of the world, how was your vernal equinox? :)


Colleen said...

Where was this? I grew up on the Jersey shore and your pictures are making me a bit homesick! Early spring is so great, you get to enjoy the beach in warmth but solitude before the crowds start arriving in earnest.

floresita said...

Colleen, here's where we were: map :)

Emma said...

Oh, beautiful! I want to go right now. :) (Well, maybe when it stops raining.)

Alyssa said...

beautiful pictures! i have never seen the ocean, but it seems like a place i would rather enjoy!

my first day of spring?? oh it snowed ALL day long and left about a foot of it! It is in the 50's now and is melting away!