Thursday, March 25, 2010

More first flowers

I found these delicate purplish-pink flowers on my way out of Brooklyn yesterday morning. I noticed some daffodils made their appearance this morning as well, although the NYC ones are still hiding.

I ran these through a few Pioneer Woman Photoshop Actions - Seventies, Fresh and Colorful, and Lovely and Ethereal.

I love the way the colors changed so dramatically from the nice, but dull original:

I've been gravitating towards square-shaped photos lately, but sometimes I can't decide which shape I like better, I think it varies:

I even like this blurry shot, but I'm not quite sure why...

My embroidery has really been gathering dust lately, huh? I need a swift kick to get back into it!


wendy said...

Those buds are lovely. It's a plum tree, but not the fruit producing kind. There is one where I work and I can't wait for it to start blooming.

Ondine said...

Beautiful photos - worthy of framing!

Anonymous said...

those are so pretty.. i love what you did with photoshop!