Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Send me somewhere in NYC: Week 2

Assignment #1 recap

So, up above is the recap of last week's assignments. So many great ideas! I plan to keep that list with me and visit / cross out at will. :)

Also, since I mentioned last week that I can see the Statue of Liberty from Brooklyn, I thought I'd share a snap of that with you, too:

See her on the horizon? Oddly, she looks closer to me in Brooklyn than in Manhattan. Here she is a little bigger.

And here are the first flowers I spied in Brooklyn on a rainy Monday this week:

first flowers in Brooklyn

So, here we go again: Send me somewhere in NYC this week! Where do I go now? Let's do it!


Skitzo Leezra Studio said...

Such a clever idea! Love seeing your pix and your sharing the city with us.
If you don't find the long lost ribbon purveyor, how about a snap at your favorite notions store?

Ondine said...

I thought of something else - cheesy and touristy I know, but the view from the Top of the Rock is really special (..better than the one from the empire state building dare I say). I'm on a mission to think up some more suggestions for you!