Monday, March 15, 2010

The tale of the sad umbrellas

It appears it was a rough night

Where I come from, it hardly ever rains. The storms are big, and noisy, and full of thunder and lightning, but you can generally count the number of times it rains in a year on your own two hands.

In New York, it rains all the time. All kinds of rain. Cold rain, hard rain, dripping, feeble, drooly rain, screaming gale winds howling rain, sideways rain, upwards-splashing soak your pants in 2 minutes rain, gusting blow you around into sad puddles rain, so cold you can't believe it's not snowing rain, is it really raining because it's been a week with no stopping rain, blew out of nowhere rain, etc., etc., etc.

I was lucky enough to be inside for Saturday's storm, which was a howler. The wind literally screamed down the streets in my Brooklyn neighborhood, and this was the umbrella carnage I witnessed as I entered Manhattan early Sunday morning... Literally every trashcan was stuffed to capacity with sad, broken, violently torn and shredded umbrellas.

I was amused and a little sad for them, these small, helpless carcasses like sad smooshed spiders, cast around the wet streets:

I liked that sad picture so much that I started playing around with Pioneer Woman Photoshop Actions on it...

I think this is the 70's action.


And this, if I'm not mistaken, is 70's + Lovely and Ethereal, which adds a kind of soft, hazy glow, which I typically hate in bridal photos, but love in sad umbrella photos. Kind of a sad umbrella bridal shot, here.


There's a whole mess of tweaked actions in this one, including 70's, Lovely and Ethereal, Fresh and Colorful, Cooler, and Quick Edge Burn. That Quick Edge Burn kind of rocks my world.


And this has all of the above actions, with a dash more Cooler. I really love this one - I think it's my fave. Hey, can you tell me which one is your fave? Thanks. :)

Hope none of you guys got stuck in a storm like this one!


susanc said...

Wow, that must have been some wind! Glad you were inside, safe and sound.

Nicole said...

I think the 70's one is my fave! Your stories and photos really make me want to visit New York. Even if it not rains a bit sometimes. ;)

Wendy said...

"like sad smooshed spiders, cast around the wet streets"

THAT? was beautiful.
I love the image those words evoke.

floresita said...

Thanks, ladies!

Nicole: I have an interesting idea along these lines... :)

Wendy: thank you! I like that strange image and I'm glad you like it, too. :)

Katie said...

Beautiful post! We've added you to the interactive Googlemap that helps viewers find out where their umbrella is most at risk!

Hannita said...

I love these pictures. Also, the latest missed connections made me immediately think of this post.